By AB Contributor Writer | January 10, 2023

The hypnotic new track comes ahead of Cienfue’s highly awaited forthcoming album “Seven Cities of Gold”

Known for his irresistible brand of tropical psychedelia, Cienfue has burst out of the borders of Panama to take over the world, garnering more than 11 million global streams of his extraordinary catalog and achieving notoriety from a wide variety of renowned news outlets such as CNN and Rolling Stone. Continuing to establish himself as an innovative and unstoppable force in the industry, the acclaimed musician and visual artist returns today with his highly anticipated new single “Lost Tribes.”

Featuring an enticing Panamanian “Pindin” indie cumbia drumbeat, “Lost Tribes” transports listeners to the jungle, where they will find themselves immediately enveloped in the swirling arpeggio synths and indie guitars that Cienfue meticulously crafted as the sonic foundation of his story.

Singing about a lost love that he wishes would return, the ingenious artist conveys a relatable sense of longing on this eclectic English-language track while maintaining a refreshing energy fueled by restorative melodies and rhythms.

“Lost Tribes” is the first single to be released from Cienfue’s upcoming full-length concept album “Seven Cities of Gold,” the follow up to 2020’s “Life in the Tropics,” his first full-length English-language album. Although both albums were inspired by and draw from his personal experiences with the psychedelic brew Ayahuasca, on “Seven Cities of Gold,” he dives a bit deeper, showcasing the multiple glistening facets of his boundless creativity and, alongside a selection of English-language songs, offering a captivating dose of brand-new Spanish language tracks that will take fans on a riveting musical journey to an Amazonian psychedelic utopia.

“Seven Cities of Gold” will be unveiled to the public by means of an extended release, which will include multiple singles and remixes from the album over the course of 2023.

Camilo Navarro Quelquejeu, aka Cienfue, has paved his own way in the music world by mixing Latin roots with modern electronic elements, creating a mesmerizing, boundary-shattering sound that he has coined “psicodelia tropical.” Growing up in 1980s Panama under military rule, music became his refuge, and as the videos aired by MTV became his constant companions, he began to experiment with arranging digital music, recording with cassette tapes, and learning electric guitar. By the 2010s, his passion for composing had led him to a fully-fledged career with international success, receiving recognition from respected outlets such as the BBC’s LatAm Beats, Spotify’s The Game Plan, Rolling Stone, CNN, People, ESPN, Remezcla, Pop Matters, NPR, MTV Latin, and MTV3 USA.

He has played countless music festivals throughout Latin America, including Rock Al Parque in Colombia, Vive Latino in Mexico and Quito Fest in Ecuador, and has shared the stage with legendary acts such as Juanes, Café Tacvba, Cultura Profética, Zoé, Babasónicos, Incubus, and many more.

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