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MoeniaThere are bands that follow trends and there are those who set them.  Ever since they first got together, Moenia strived for a new sound and a new approach to music. In an era plagued by plastic pop and disposable artists, Moenia managed to break from the norm and pave their own way.  Their synth/ electro-pop sound was something new to the Latino music industry back in the early 90’s, and quickly earned comparisons to established and international bands such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, Erasure, among others.  While sometimes you can hear the influence of these bands in Moenia’s sound, they also have something new to bring to the table. With their music, lyrics and overall talent Moenia has managed to become one of the top electro bands in Mexico.

Moenia is a trio that throughout the years has managed to stay true to their style and their aesthetic- they have clear idea of who they are, what they have to offer, and the direction they’re going.  It is because of that rigorous modus operandi that Moenia lost its first vocalist Juan Carlos Lozano through artistic difference. 

About a month after his departure, Alfonso Pichardo joined the group- he was no stranger to Moenia though, he had previously worked with them on a demo and helped co-produce and write several of Moenia’s self-titled debut album which was released in 1996 and spawned hits like “No Puedo Estar Sin Ti” and “Déjame Entrar”. 

In 1999, Moenia released “Adición+”, in which they perfected their sound and took the writing and synthesizers to another level.  They were nominated to a few awards and their album sells went platinum and gold in México and the U.S. respectively.

2001 was a very creative year for Moenia since it marked the release of their third album “Le Modulor”.  Not only did they push the limits of what was currently playing on Mexican radio, but stylistically they challenged the music industry by releasing “Le Modulor” in a special and rather unusual case designed by them. 

For the 2003 release of “Televisor”, Moenia decided to stick to their concept but with a more organic approach.  The results exceeded expectations, earning them praise and a comparison as the Mexican Depeche Mode.  It is their most critically acclaimed album to date. 

As an experimental side project just to buy time with their fans while they worked on the next album, Moenia decided to record some of their favorite 80’s and 90’s tracks, of course giving them the Moenia treatment. The result was 2004’s “StereoHits”, their best selling album so far.  In “StereoHits” they covered songs by Duncan Dhun, Los Prisioneros, Caifanes, Alaska y Dinarama, among others.  

For their sixth album, Moenia decided to rock a little harder and add more guitars to their sound while filtering them through 80’s electropop and the typical Moenia sound. The release of “Solar” in 2006 marked a new and improved Moenia that is not afraid of change. 

Moenia is currently working on a new album, for more info and for the latest news, check them out at:

Moenia is:
Alfonso Pichardo
Jorge Soto
Alejandro "Midi" Ortega

Must [legally] download songs: Déjame Entrar, No Puedo Estar Sin Ti, Ya No Es Así, Manto Estelar, Llegaste A Mi, Como Vez Tu, Lado Animal, Volcán, Tu Sabes Lo Que Quiero, En Que Momento, Sildavia, Lo Que Tu Digas, Sufre Conmigo.