Austin TV

By April 16, 2008Bios

Austin TVMusic makes the world go ‘round.  La neta es que sin música este mitote llamado vida would be just as dull as an afternoon with Martha Stewart.  Music is and has always been a method of expression.  It might sound cheesy but it’s true- with music you can say things you can’t say with words.  With that in mind, a group of friends began a journey as one of the most promising acts in the Latin Alternative music community- none other than Austin TV.

Austin TV have seriously set their minds to create something different, something that sounds “como sentir que estás vivo”.  Although you might find certain influences not only in their sound but in their performances as well, they simply try to create something unique but with a subtle touch of those who inspired them.  Among those you’ll find: Death Cab For Cutie, Mineral, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Devo, Yo La Tengo, The Cure, The Faint, The Dresden Dolls, y muchos más.

If you have no idea who Austin TV is, you better step your game up since you’ll be hearing more of them in days to come.  No, they didn’t name the band after that city in Texas; no, there is no one by that name in the band; and it is certainly not anyone’s ex.  The “Austin” in Austin TV stands for “Adoramos Una Sombra Tímida Instrumental Nocturna”.  You didn’t see that one coming now, did you?  Austin TV will certainly surprise you in all aspects- from their inventive name, their music and ultimately their live performances.

Austin TV has released three albums: “La última noche del mundo” (2003), “Asrael(B-sides and live tracks)” (2004) and most recently “Fontana Bella” (2007).

Their last album “Fontana Bella” is a very ambitious project that in any other band’s possession would seem ludicrous and extremely pretentious.  “Fontana Bella” follows the story of Mario Lupo, whose diary was found by the band members while taking a walk in the woods.  It will blow your mind away, just like their previous work.  This is definitely a band worth checking out.

Austin TV is:

Chiosan (keyboards and samplers)
Angel Omar “Chato” (guitar)
Oiram (guitar)
Ratón (bass)
Xnayer (drums)

For more Austin TV, check them out at:

Must [legally] download songs: marduk, shiva, flores sobre las piedras, o’delay, valiente, rucci, roy rogers, más que a nada en el mundo.