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You would think that living in L.A. makes the lives of aspiring artists easier.

L.A. area artists soon learn however that the music industry in the City of Angels is anything but idyllic: it’s actually quite cut-throat and competitive. If it’s hard to break through and get an opportunity for Top 40 artists and such, it’s twice as difficult for those involved in the Latin Alternative movement.

Pastilla is a vivid example of the ups and downs of trying to make it in such a frenzied place. Being part of a band whose lifetime can be compared to a rollercoaster can sometimes be chaotic. Aside from the fact that they have changed record labels as often as “Cristina’s” time slot and that band members keep leaving and coming back, Pastilla has lived up to their own standards, delivering superb music to the Latin Alternative community for the past 10 years.

"Ultraman" (acustico) | video from: albordemobile

It was in Pomona where Victor and Adrian Monroy started to explore their musical inquisitiveness and together with some friends, ventured into the Latin Alternative scene as Juana La Loca. They soon changed their name to Pastilla. What opened many doors and turned heads their way was the manner in which they approached their music. Instead of following the generic formula already being followed by many in the “scene”, they adopted an edgier sound, fusing British rock and power-pop. They quickly became one of the most important pioneer bands of the movement, making them the only “pastilla” to cure the persistent need of a new sound.

{sidebar id=8}Since the release of their 1996 self-titled debut album, they have worked with many producers, adding a little something extra every time to complement that unique sound they’re known for. Their underground success started to seep into mainstream the light after they were asked to work in several compilation projects; one of the more notable was their take on Jose Jose’s “Lágrimas”, which was included in the album “Un Tributo”.

They followed up their debut album with “Vox Electra” (1998),“Hey!” (2003), and “A Marte” (2007), and a live album that was released in 2005, and which was recorded at Rockotitlán, in Mexico City.

In an effort to help promote “A Marte”, generate buzz and capture more listeners, the band was featured on iTunes’ “single of the week”, in which users were able to download the single “A Marte” for free. On May 25 of 2007, Pastilla became the second band to perform an acoustic set in the new Al Borde Lounge as part of Al Borde’s “Acoustic Sessions” concert series.

Pastilla is:

Victor Monroy (Vocals/ Guitar)

Eduardo Trujillo (Guitar)

Eric Rubalcaba (Drums)