Plastilina Mosh

By January 6, 2009Bios

Plastilina MoshIf you’re looking for a clear example in the music industry that proves the theory “opposites attract” to be true, you don’t have to look too hard, just check out these chicuelos from Monterrey known as Plastilina Mosh. Even though they have been around for more than a decade, they have only put out four records- not rushing the creative process, and boy are they creative.  Jonás González and Alejandro Rosso met back in 1996 while playing Super Nintendo, and although both of them where in different bands (Kooervoz de Malta and Acarnienses respectively), they immediately clicked and began a musical journey crazier than an acid trip.

Jonás came from a trash-metal band and his fave bands included Sepultura, Soda Stereo and Mano Negra; on the other hand, Alejandro came from and avant-garde group and his fave artists were Antonio Carlos Cobim, John Coltrane and he had a thing for classical music.

Literally standing at opposite ends of the music spectrum, they decided to work together and that’s when “Niño Bomba” was born in 1997. This single and its video became quite popular and achieved a great amount of radio and airplay creating enough buzz to encourage them to record a full album.

Plastilina Mosh released their debut album “Aquamosh” in 1998.  The first single “Mr. P.Mosh” was an instant hit and perhaps one of the band’s most popular songs. The singular video for this song featured ‘70s vedette Lyn May.

In 2000 they released their sophomore album “Juan Manuel”, spawning the popular “Human Disco Ball”. 2003 marked the release of “Hola Chicuelos”, a concept album.

Their latest album “All U Need Is Mosh” was released on 2008 after a short hiatus.  For this album Plastilina Mosh keeps things funky and fresh, with several guest artists on vocals, musical styles concoctions and language mish-mashes.

Plastilina Mosh is:
Jonás González (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)
Alejandro Rosso (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals)

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Must [legally] download songs:  Human Disco Ball, Mr. Pmosh, Niño Bomba, Pervert Pop Song, Bassas, Naranjada, My Party, Te Lo Juro Por Madonna, Peligroso Pop, Comeback Bitch.