Ozomatli @ the HOB

By Hilda GabrielaFebruary 20, 2009AB's Top Music News

Ozomatli @ the HOB, Anaheim

It’s never too soon before Ozomatli returns to Southern Cali. The L.A. native ensemble has put Anaheim on their “to-do” list and is set to inject Ozo-heads with their Grammy-winning repertoire come late February. As part of their 2009 Spring Tour, Ozomatli is teaming up once again with fellow comrade MC Chali 2na for a showcase that is sure to bring out long-time Ozo fans and captivate new ones all as well.

Since its conception some 14 years ago, Ozomatli has musically become the mirror image of the multicultural city of L.A. with their world-inspired sounds and lyrics of empowerment. And now accompanied by Chali 2na and with a new EP scheduled for distribution late this spring, Ozomatli is sure to sell-out Anaheim’s House of Blues- or any house for that matter.

Don’t miss Ozomatli @ the House of Blues, Anaheim on February 27th and 28th, and for more Ozo news, search Ozomatli on Al Borde.com. See you at the show!