Nortec Collective

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Nortec Collective

Even though it’s hard to classify Nortec Collective under one particular genre, describing their sound is much more simple: tunka tunka + punchis punchis = Nortec Collective. Nortec Collective is nothing like your typical Latin Alternative band; heck, they’re not even a band per se.  En sí, “nortec” is a movement that started in the late 90’s in which several musicians began fusing norteño and techno, hence the name “nortec”.

A group of artists involved in the “nortec” movement- including Fussible, Panoptica, and Bostich- came together under the banner of “Nortec Collective”. Ever since they started working as a collective, the guys from Nortec have been revolutionizing the way people listen to traditional Mexican music one song at a time. Even though Nortec Collective are not necessarily a commercial success, their innovative sound has turned heads their way and earned them several awards and nominations, and they have even landed deals on major film soundtracks.

Bostich + FussibleAfter releasing “The Tijuana Sessions” Vol. 1 & 3, Nortec Collective stopped performing as an ensemble as of December 2007, all of them taking different projects and experimenting with other sounds.  That, however didn’t mark the end of Nortec Collective.

The Nortec Collective epitome lives through Ramon “Bostich” Amezcua and Pepe “Fussible” Mogt, who in 2008 released the album “Nortec Collective Presents Bostich + Fussible: Tijuana Sound Machine”.  Their latest project has earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album.

The music Nortec Collective brings to the table is certainly not the same norteñas and tamborazo your abuelos used to jam to back in the pueblo… this is Mexican music for the 21st Century.  If this is what the future sounds, it all looks quite promising.

The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1 (2002)
The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3 (2005)
Nortec Collective Presents Bostich + Fussible: Tijuana Sound Machine (2008)

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Must [legally] download songs: Polaris, And L, Tijuana For Dummies, Tengo La Voz, Tijuana Makes Me Happy, Olvidela Compa, Don Loope, Tijuana Sound Machine, Shake It Up, Rosarito, Mi Casita, Ciruela Electrica.