Las Noticias del Movimiento: Marzo

By El PadrinoMarch 3, 2009AB's Top Music News

ZoeLong a favorite of the underground community, Zoé is finally exploding in a big way.  As expected, the title track of the new CD “Reptilectric,” has gotten major attention and charting action from alternativo radio, but they also have their first huge pop hit in México with “Nada.”  And word is they will soon begin a Jack Daniels-sponsored US tour.

April will also signal concert treks from Colombian icons Aterciopelados, whose new CD “Rio” has been widely praised, as well as ska stalwarts Panteón Rococó, although there is no word as to whether there will be a new disc from them.

Riding high on the Top Twenty national success of their debut alternativo single “Me Fui,” Chicago-based rockeros/as Los Pecados de María will be opening for La Barranca both in their home town of Chicago and Minneapolis. {Did we ever think we would see the day when La Barranca would be headlining in Minneapolis??????)  ¡EE.UU. es un lugar diferente en estos días!

And speaking of strange but fun, Monte Negro closed their headlining House of Blues show with none other than country star John Rich jumping on stage for their encore for a rousing “I Walk The Line” with Monte Negro lead-singer Kinski, while John proclaimed how much he loved their show.  Country stars embracing alternativo? You heard it here first.

Costa Rican rockers Gandhi have finished a new CD, their seventh.  Will these excellent musicians finally get the recognition they deserve outside their native country where they are huge?  And in new release info, New York rockeros Una Via celebrated the release of their brilliant second CD “El Mundo Al Que Pertenezco” at a packed celebration at everyone’s favorite NY rockero hangout, D’Antigua.

Venezuelan rockers Solares, (with two former members of the legendary Zapato3), who now call Miami home, just inked a record deal with Ramhaus, and their new single “Cascabel” is making noise nationally. By the time you read this, Los Kung Fu Monkeys will have had their big “send off” party in Tijuana to celebrate their upcoming tour of Europe.

Whispers in Los Angeles concern the emergence of Audiopop as a dynamite musical force, and there is much anticipation about them entering the studio to record their debut album. LA is also a-buzz about Radio Atómico, set to provide the city of Angels with its first alternativo weekly broadcast radio show since The Red Zone left the airwaves four years ago. And Angelinos are excited that Colombian punk band Don Tetto will perform their SoCal debut show opening for Babasónicos at Club Nokia.

Las Vegas based rockeros Menores had high hopes when they released their debut CD “Muere La Ilusión,” but are beaming with pride that the title cut is firmly entrenched at #3 on Radio & Records Rock Alternativo chart, only trailing Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Calle 13 con Café Tacuba.  Tour offers are now coming in, so hopefully you will get to see them in your city soon.

And finally, it is outstanding to see that El Trí will be headlining a March 28 concert (along with Salón Victoria, Sekta Core, Germen, 8 Calacas and Sonido Vago) at the Orange Show Grounds in San Bernardino.  This legendary concert facility (formerly known as Swing Auditorium) has been under-used in recent years.  Most people are not aware that this venue was the site of the very first Rolling Stones concert in the United States. Saludos Alex y Chela for performing here—it will bring back many memories.

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