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By AB Contributor Writer | December 10, 2021

Singer, songwriter, producer, musician, and co-founder of La Matria, Mariel Mariel, continues to work actively as she has been during the entirety of 2021, and with a view of a 2022 that will finally see the release of her fourth studio album. The Chilean artist today presents a new teaser of this upcoming full-length album called “La Morena”, a song that is now available to the public on major digital platforms.

La Morena is the encounter of a woman with respect for her life, her decisions, independence. Mariel Mariel relaxes and sings in a whisper. “Wander…savor the moment and recite like a sweet prayer a call to what you love with your own beauty, and let yourself be carried away by the rays of the sun. It’s an introspective journey to fuel that seductive idea that grows within you, until one day you release everything, you let yourself go for it and it becomes the plan that fulfills your greatest fantasies. That’s why you live alert, protected, connected to your magic and to your convictions. She is the queen, her skin is tanned. She is the queen, you don’t remove her from her world.”

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Mariel’s rhymes were written in Mexico and recorded in Chile over the beat of King Dou Dou, plus the production of Andrés Landon and Dr. Fifo. And they create a hypnotic flow that carries you directly to your most relaxed, easeful, and lilting frequencies.

Mariel Mariel’s anticipated album “La Batalla” will have a wide variety of rhythms, such as cumbia, funk brasilero, trap romántico, bachata flow, and in terms of sounds the palette is unified in an electronic base and the interwoven charango used as an Andean tone.