By AB Contributor Writer | December 12, 2022

Singer-songwriter and rock artist Stefni Valencia, reminds us that rock is more alive than ever with the release of her new single ‘Alas Heridas’, an empowered contemporary rock anthem that shows part of the essence of Valencia, a strong and rebellious woman, who is not afraid to take risks, and who seeks to convey that message with her music.

‘Alas Heridas’ is a theme written by Stefni in collaboration with the members of her group Stefni Valencia x El Fuego, that talks about those moments when you forget yourself and hit rock bottom, but eventually you get up and find your wings to move forward. With this powerful message Stefni wants to give other women the strength to not be afraid of what others may say about you and that it is never too late to start loving yourself and accepting who you are.

“This is a theme that takes a perspective of self-love. How you love yourself is how you teach people to love you.” Mentions Stefni. “We are living in a world where social media shows us what is considered ‘beauty’, what is ‘normal’, and what ‘you need in life’. There are so many people who are struggling to fit into the world and love you as you are, it is the ability to fly, but if you want to fly you have to leave behind all the weight that grounds you.”

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Music has always been part of Stefni since she was a young girl and has been with her through the good and bad moments of her life, inspiring the rebellious attitude shown in her songs’ lyrics. Her charisma, talent and artistic personality have led her not only to step on some of the most important stages of the rock scene in Los Angeles, but also in film and television as an actress and TV presenter.

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