By AB Contributor Writer | September 26, 2023

The Mexican singer-songwriter combines his talent with the Argentine artist in order to create a rhythm that breaks the entire chain of stereotypes.
“ACAPULCO” Marks the return of Siddhartha after the success of the song “00:00”
This is the first track of a new musica era for Siddhartha, which will conclude by the end of 2023

Siddhartha, who during the past year has completed more than 20 concerts throughout Mexico and the United States and who after a well-deserved break, re-mounts stages as of August not only with his extraordinary showmanship, but also with new music under his belt. “Acapulco” is the song that he presents to us, and on this occasion, he does it in hand with one of the most iconic rock voices and figures in Latin America, Emmanuel Horvilleur. The friendship between the two dates back several years, the most memorable moment perhaps being the latter’s participation as a live guest of the Guadalajaran musician at his concerts at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, performing the song “Fuma.”

After presenting the video from the live show for “Brújula,” and revisiting what was one of the most important concerts that Mexico has had, it was time to reveal something original that will mark a new musical era that could accompany his faithful fan base across Latin America throughout 2023.

“Acapulco” is a song that speaks about something that already may be very normalized by society, which is to judge without asking… “Acapulco” talks about the fact of what may be natural and mundane, like love, that in the eyes of many, tends to be forbidden or unnatural.
It speaks about life and love and how this shouldn’t be judged by social norms, but that it has to be something free like the air.

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The official music video, directed by Fabián de la Fuente and Cristobal G. Camarena and produced by Unlimited Films, perfectly recreates an oasis within the world, where anyone can safely live and love. It features all representations of romance and, of course, Emmanuel and Siddhartha.

This single is the first from what will be Siddhartha’s new album, which is set to be released before the end of this year.
Siddhartha, who is resuming his tour in Mexico and the United States, will again visit some Latin American countries such as: Perú, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador and Colombia as part of the “Tour0000” before returning to the United States and wrapping up a tour of more than 20 dates, and will then return and finalize the “Tour0000” at Foro Sol in Mexico City before more than 50K spectators.

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