Ojos Color Sol – New Video from Calle 13

By Angel AguilarJuly 30, 2014AB's Top Music News, Music
Gael Garcia y María Valverde video Ojos color sol de Calle 13
By Angel Aguilar | July 30, 2014

Gael Garcia y María Valverde video Ojos color sol de Calle 13

This past Tuesday, Calle 13 debuted their newest video for their song “Ojos Color Sol” which features the great Cuban folk singer Silvio Rodriguez and the video it includes the collaboration of renowned Mexican actor Gael García Bernal and Spanish actress María Valverde, the video was directed by René Pérez Joglar y Kacho López Mari.
In explaining the idea for the video, Rene (Residente) explained: “With so many allegories and metaphors in the song, there were many different ideas that came to mind and by method of elimination we ended up with the idea we were looking for; a video that would compliment and not take away the attention from the story that the lyrics narrate.”

“I concentrated on a kiss, a kiss in which physical sensations and emotions change the way we look at everything. I wrote the script including the camera shots and I sent it to Kacho. We discussed and it and decided to go forward.” Stated Rene.

“This work consecrates the chemistry we have when we formulate ideas and bring them to reality. This video is the result of a collaborative relationship and affinity for a vision that has matured through a long year of hard work.” Explained Kacho López.

In regards to the collaboration of Gael García Bernal and María Valverde, Kacho and Rene coincide that Gael and Maria have very special talents. The subtlety each one brings to the piece is felt through to their acting and cinematography. “They both fill the frame with great energy without any apparent effort. They are actors of the highest level which makes the work and direction much easier and pleasurable. It is important to emphasize the humility and dedication they showed through the long process.” Indicated Kacho.

Calle 13 just finished a very successful sold out tour through Spain which culminated this past Sunday July 20 with a concert at the Botanical Gardens at the University of Complutense in Madrid. The MultiViral Tour will come back to the U.S. by playing the Best Buy Theater in New York on September 6, and continuing at the House of Blues in San Diego on October 8th, The Warfield in San Francisco on October 10 and the Supersonico Festival at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles on October 11.

Calle 13 feat. Silvio Rodríguez – Ojos color sol