By AB Contributor Writer | January 9, 2023

El Huracán Bailable did it again, presenting their audience with a highly anticipated new studio album and announcing a national tour and end of year concert alongside Chico Trujillo.

Popular Chilean cumbia group Santaferia has released their new and seventh full-length album on digital platforms. The album follows their successful 2021 album Cumbia Casera, a project that—given the health situation—was recorded in the musicians’ home studios and garnered MUSA and Pulsar awards.

Desafiándolo todo is the title of Santaferia’s current album and their first of the post-pandemic era. This time, the band chose to work on their new album in person again, recorded at renowned Chilean engineer Caco Lyon’s prestigious Estudios del Sur, under the guidance of skilled Cuban producer Gerónimo Labrada, the engineer behind the first Latin Grammy-winning album produced in Cuba.

For their seventh project, Santaferia favored the pursuit of a professional and warm sound: “Making our previous album within the context and conditions in which we made it was a challenge from which we successfully emerged. But now that we’re able to come together, we wanted to have the pleasure of seeing each other again, of making music together, and working in person. We went to the best studio that exists in Chile and we had an engineer close to the Latin and danceable concepts, achieving an outstanding result. We’re happy,” the musicians explain.

“Amor de historia” is the focus track with which this new album releases and is the most pop-oriented piece of the project. It’s a sad cumbia track that is sure to get stuck in your head thanks to its great chorus.

Participating on this new album were guest musicians such as Aldo Asenjo (Macha), frontman of Chico Trujillo and El Bloque Depresivo. Santaferia met the charismatic musician El Campa Valdés, accordionist for El Gran Silencio (Mexican band that has been mixing cumbia, DJ culture, rap and rock since 1992), while on tour in Mexico, which led to them inviting him to participate on the album as well.

Maestro Valentín Trujillo, prominent rocker Ángelo Pierattini from Weichafe, and charango player Patricio Quilodrán (Sol y Lluvia, Chico Trujillo) also made appearances on this album, among other musicians.

To promote this new album, the band released the single “Que Te Vaya Bien,” which was recorded with the group Zúmbale Primo, during fiestas patrias. At the same time, the group developed a tour with performances in different areas of Chile, sharing its title with the album, Desafíandolo Todo. The tour will include dates in the north and south of Chile, and its final stop will be the Quinta Vergara with Chico Trujillo on December 30.

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