By AB Contributor Writer | October 2, 2023

The renowned Chilean cumbia band is gearing up to bring their unmistakable rhythm and infectious energy to Mexico once again. With a diverse musical catalog and a special connection to their Mexican fans, the band announces the exciting release of their new single “De Quien Es La Culpa,” in collaboration with Chilean artist Araus Danesi.

The iconic Chilean cumbia band, Santaferia, continues their unstoppable musical journey by announcing the release of their latest single “De Quien Es La Culpa,” a special collaboration with talented Chilean artist Araus Danesi. With a successful career and a prominent position in the Latin American music scene, the band once again showcases their versatility and creativity by reimagining a popular Brazilian song from their unique cumbia perspective.
This fresh single emerged from a casual conversation between Santaferia’s members and Araus Danesi, who proposed adapting the song and expressed confidence that it would perfectly fit the band’s lead vocalist, Pollo Gonzalez. “This song would suit your voice very well,” Danesi told Gonzalez, igniting a collaborative process that resulted in an exciting version of “De Quien Es La Culpa.” Pollo Gonzalez shared, “These are those swift things life offers, and cumbia allows for adaptations, covers, and a myriad of other things.”

Deep Ties with Mexican Music and Audience

Santaferia’s connection to Mexican music and its fervent audience is not new. Recently, the Chilean band released “Bájale Un Cambio,” a collaboration with Mexican musician Campa Valdez. The music video was shot in the picturesque Xochimilco, Mexico City, during their performance at Foro Hilvana in March 2023. This impressive music video captures the blend of rhythms and the vibrant atmosphere of the location.

Santaferia’s relationship with Mexico is profound and significant. They’ve had the privilege of performing on multiple occasions, solidifying their bond with their Mexican followers. For this reason, the band is thrilled to announce their upcoming Mexico tour, set to kick off in October. The tour will span cities like Guadalajara, Toluca, Monterrey, Mexico City, Puebla, and many more. The warmth and respect from their Mexican fans reflect the special connection between the band and their Mexican audience.

Tickets for Santaferia’s Mexico concerts are already available and can be purchased through Boletia and Passline. The tour will commence on October 13 in Puebla, followed by a return to Foro Hilvana on October 14, and further stops in Toluca on October 15, Monterrey on October 19, Cuernavaca on October 20, and Guadalajara on October 23.

Santaferia continues to demonstrate their passion for music and commitment to their audience, promising an exhilarating musical journey at every stage of their career. With the release of “De Quien Es La Culpa” their collaboration with Araus Danesi, and the infectious energy that characterizes their live performances, Santaferia remains a musical phenomenon that captures hearts across the continent.

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Mexico Tour 2023
October 13 – Beat 803 – Puebla
October 14 – Foro Hilvana – Mexico City
October 15 – Foro Landó – Toluca Tickets
October 19 – Nandas Barrio Antiguo – Monterrey
October 20 – Foro /The Pit – Cuernavaca
October 23 – C3 Rooftop – Guadalajara, Jalisco

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