By AB Contributor Writer | August 18, 2023

Multi-faceted Spanish artist Fitasha has been captivating listeners everywhere with her inspiring songs full of love, compassion, and wisdom, and today she returns to enchant her fans once again with her new bilingual single “Espabile.”

Hailed on social media as the heroine of the future and the voice of Mother Nature, Fitasha strikes a powerful chord with her latest release. Maintaining the alluring and expressive sound that has made her so popular, she blends earthy, soulful roots with classic jazz and funky beats as a modern base for her rich and beguiling vocals, which deliver a story that will prompt fans to take action toward saving the Earth before it’s too late.

“I’m not afraid to express myself, to develop my emotions, or add to them a flavor, a place, a color,” she says. Indeed, on “Espabile,” Fitasha’s profound insight, cutting-edge ingenuity, and innate talent glow radiantly, conveying her dreamy yet sage aesthetic through a transportive experimental composition. The song is yet another heartfelt page taken from the diary of her life, born organically from the experiences, observations, hopes, and dreams that she has encountered and discovered along the way.

A gifted singer-songwriter, producer, and plastic artist, the creative visionary draws her greatest inspiration from Mother Nature and has developed a distinct proposal that has resonated with listeners around the globe. Always conveying a positive message, Fitasha encourages her fans to pursue their passions, follow their dreams, and become self-reliant with the mantra “do it yourself,” while also admirably advocating for the preservation of our planet. Through her riveting music and art, she communicates a progressive philosophy that fungi are the key to saving both the Earth and humanity.