By AB Contributor Writer | February 1, 2024

The Uruguayan band El Cuarteto de Nos kicks off 2024 with a release that celebrates their bond with their audience. They premiere the live version of Chivo Expiatorio, with a record of their sold-out performance at Mexico’s legendary Auditorio Nacional. The single reflects the vibrant energy of the stands simultaneously singing along to this powerful song already available on platforms, released by Porfiado Records.

Chivo Expiatorio is one of the most praised tracks on Cuarteto de Nos’ most recent album, Lámina Once. In its lyrics, it presents a world of blame and guilt where it seems easier to point the finger at others than to assume one’s own burdens. It is one of the band’s most musically particular songs, where they break away from the rhythms and vocal forms they usually have, to go to another sonic and scenic level that leaves the senses open like a pandora’s box.

Directed by the Mexican Arturo Tesillo and Cuarteto de Nos itself with ideas and content, the video not only covers the show but also the Mexican city of CDMX, the Day of the Dead as a strong symbolism for the culture of this country and the experience of the fans, always the center of attention, but particularly this year.

From that point on and during more than 30 songs from his repertoire, the audience didn’t stop chanting a single one of the songs that were played that night, without forgetting for a second the tremendous guests that appeared on stage. Ana Torroja appeared to perform their song “Mapa,” a track that forms part of the album “Memoria Futuro,” as well as “Respiro” alongside Ximena Sariñana.

Emmanuel Horvilleur also appeared to perform the song “Acapulco” and of course Caloncho couldn’t be missed to sing the classic “Loco” toward the end of the show.

The release of Chivo Expiatorio en vivo is the third installment of the project “Lámina Once en vivo en Latinoamérica”, with which Cuarteto de Nos wants to express in different ways the special connection they have with their audience, through their encounters with fans known as #MeetCDN and also with the records of their concerts.
It started in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the version of “Fiesta en lo del Dr Hermes, in 2021. Then, Argentina had “El Cinturón Gris” as the emblematic song recorded and filmed at the Movistar Arena in May in Buenos Aires, with its main character “Cris” whom fans have adopted and have identified themselves to the point of dressing like the character at the shows, showing a total communion with what is then captured in the video directed by Argentine Julia Conde. Now it is the turn of Chivo Expiatorio, not only in the band’s live set list, but with the live filming and recording from the National Auditorium of Mexico.

This release is a record of one of the most relevant meetings of El Cuarteto de Nos. Mexico is today the market with more listeners of the band according to Spotify, followed by Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, all countries where the band has broken records of calls and all shows sold out well in advance and where it prepares for this year, even bigger returns.

The Lámina Once tour, which has already taken them to 20 countries and more than 60 shows, has doubled and tripled its audience throughout LATAM and Spain. This is also reflected in the recent figures announced by the main music platform, highlighting in Cuarteto, a 75% of new audience, which translates into more than 5 and a half million people who heard the band for the first time in 2023!

The 2024 tour starts in March in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, and then continues in the first half of the year in Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and several more dates to be announced soon.

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