By AB Contributor Writer | May 3, 2023

Today No Te Va Gustar releases “Yo Sabré Qué Hacer,” its new single in collaboration with the iconic Spanish band Vetusta Morla. This release is part of a series of new songs that the band is going to share in 2023 with very special guests, including friends and peers with whom it has crossed paths during all these years.

This new single features the participation of Pucho, singer for Vetusta Morla, with whom NTVG has met on numerous stages in different venues around the world, which has led to encounters, conversations, exchanges and moments that resulted in a friendship and mutual respect between both bands.

The powerful guitar riffs supported and enchanced by the horns create the perfect mood for Pucho and Emiliano’s heartfelt vocal performance.

The visuals of the music video were fully created with Generative Artificial Intelligence technology, managing to combine sequences of images created by neural networks that then dynamically synchronize with the song’s different points of intensity: vocals, harmonies and percussion. The partnering of art and technology has resulted in an audiovisual display that challenges creative boundaries and promises a new era in the production of multimedia content. The video was created in collaboration between the band and the Generative Art department of UltraDrop, the innovative Uruguayan technology company.

his positions No Te Va Gustar among the first few (or as the first) bands in Latin America to create a professional official video clip utilizing Artificial Intelligence, continuing with the innovative spirit that defines it.

This series of new songs began in February with the release of “Comida” featuring the Brazilian artist Johnny Hooker and the band is planning to share 4 more singles, all with very special guests. NTVG is now in the midst of an international tour, with concerts in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Peru, and Chile in a 2023 loaded with shows and new music.

About Vetusta Morla:

Vetusta Morla is the most influential Spanish pop rock group in recent years. Since its formation, the group has won attention for its powerful live shows, standing out for the strength of its sound, the precision of its performance and its relationship with the public, making its concerts authentic events in each of the venues in which they are conducted.

Its previous tour, Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar, has been historic because of the large audience turnout at the 85 concerts conducted in 66 cities in 15 countries in Latin America, Europe, the United States, and Canada. With the concert that took place at La Caja Mágica de Madrid, Vetusta Morla became the first Spanish band in its genre able to gather 38,000 people at its own concert.

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