By AB Contributor Writer | January 27, 2023

WHAT THE FLAT!?, which brings together two huge figures in Chilean rap, is now available on digital platforms.

Ámbar Luna and NFX star on “WHAT THE FLAT!?,” the track that recounts the experiences that athletes of BMX, the cycling discipline that attracts thousands of young people every year, go through every day. With conscious lyrics, the young artists express the conditions and sacrifices that an unconventional sport entails, one that since the 2020 Tokyo games now appears as an Olympic sport beside skating and surfing.

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Ámbar noted that “participating in the project was exciting” because she practiced skating as a child and although she never had the chance to learn other disciplines, upon getting involved in the documentary, she realized that both of them shared concepts in common: the effort and sacrifice that fulfilling dreams involves. On his part, the film’s director, Don Zé, mentioned that the street essence that the sport has had to be captured with artists that had an original and fresh stamp.

“We thought that singers could represent a sports scene that has among its DNA the concept of Freestyle and creativity; and when we met with Ámbar and NFX we knew that they were the ones,” added the director of the production house G LAB.

“WHAT THE FLAT!?” took almost 5 years of production and since its release became the first documentary about BMX in Chile. The movie that gathers athletes such as Coco Zurita, Benjamin Hudson, Diego and Iván Galdames, Matías Alegría, Ignacio Rojo and Marco Quiroz features an original soundtrack that will gradually be made available during the first part of the coming year.

The song, which was mixed and mastered in Miami by the producer Gonzalo Contreras a.k.a GeeFlow, can now be streamed on digital platforms, while the movie can be viewed for free online via Chile’s Red de Salas Independientes.


Ámbar Luna Leiva, known by the artistic and musical name Ámbar Luna, is a Chilean singer, songwriter, and producer. She was born in the year 2000 in La Calera, Quillota Province, Valparaíso, Chile, and became known when she participated in La Batalla de Los Gallos, a freestyle competition organized by Red Bull since 2005. She was among the 16 best contestants and was the first woman to achieve that position.

At the beginning of 2020, Ámbar Luna signed a contract with the record label Nacional Records, located in Los Angeles, California, United States, which since 2005 has worked with Latin American artists. That July, she released her first official single “Trascender.” The song, which featured the participation of the Peruvian producer Garabatobeats, incorporates rhythms from different genres, such as trap, reggaetón, R&B and a little bit of flamenco, and revolves around various political and social topics. The accompanying video was directed by Francisco Herrera.

In September 2020, Ámbar Luna released the song “222” with the production of the Spaniards Cookin’ Soul, Full Harmony and the Argentines Frikstailers. That same month, she released the EP “Carne,” which included four songs and covered various personal experiences.

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Matías Moena a.k.a. Nfx, a breakthrough artist in the Chilean rap scene, self-released his first album ‘Kid Flava Classic’ on the internet in 2016, one year before doing the same with his second album ‘Skillz of Shaoolin.’ Since then, he not only managed to earn the respect of the industry, but he also began to become the talk of all those who came into contact with his music.

Influenced by the rap of the ‘90s, Nfx discovered a refuge in freestyle. A space in which he discovered that his love for music would take him to the top, which occurred soon after with singles such as ‘Warzone Z’ and ‘Cyborgtek’, two songs that have accumulated millions of views to date.

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G·LAB is an experimental collective that fuses electronic and downtempo music. The group brings together musical director Sebastián Moscoso, producer Mila Ross and visual artist Matías Rodríguez. Influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), new media and cinematography, the band rolls itself along a sonic journey that navigates hip hop, jazz and dub.

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