By AB Contributor Writer | September 19, 2023

A 23-year-old musician, singer-songwriter, painter and plastic artist.

Her ambition, adaptability and curiosity have inspired her to explore all kinds of musical genres. Her ability to adapt to different projects are challenges and experiences that make her an artist with an immense and free palette of colors.

“My songs are emotional journeys of self-discovery.”


Fitasha’s inquisitive character has led her to gain recognition as a fearless experimenter when it comes to composition, and her mesmerizing sound—an organic fusion of soul, jazz, funk, and urban elements—is almost as tangible as her greatest inspiration: nature. “Nature is the muse of creation, like it is the maker of the muse…in the same way that it’s the muse for my art,” she shares. With each song she releases, she rises as one of the greatest proponents for the care and healing of the Earth, and listeners are sure to be moved by her fierce passion, as well as the incredible hope and love that she pours into her music.

Fitasha is the creative force behind her music, songs, visual concepts, graphics and costumes for her videos.

With a focus on celebrating the planet and uplifting humankind through positive messaging and encouraging fans to reach their full potential with her mighty mantra “Do it yourself,” Fitasha has been hailed on social media as the heroine of the future and the voice of Mother Nature and is a fresh and thought-provoking new figure in the Latin music scene.


Whether she’s writing songs, producing, or working as a plastic artist, her inventive and boundaryless approach has allowed her to explore the tough questions, whose answers don’t fit within the confines of popular opinion but are still critically important to understand. One of the questions she often contemplates is how to preserve the planet, and her answer is as intriguing as it is, perhaps, obvious, communicating the progressive philosophy that fungi are the key to saving both the Earth and humanity.

“My artistic concept defends an evolutionary philosophy around mushrooms and it’s not
to go “trippy hippie crazy”, it’s to expose sustainable solutions so that tomorrow we can continue to live on our planet without being a major threat to it and ourselves. I make videos about how mushrooms are going to save the world, awareness of how to take
care of our planet, sustainable and ecological solutions. The largest percentage of information on my mushroom content is about environmental solutions and biotech practices.”

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