By AB Contributor Writer | August 18, 2023

2023 New Tour Dates announced with more to reveal soon

“Perhaps one of the most unique groups around today, Making Movies is sensual, smoky, and seductive. Distorted guitars are buried under their Latin groove, colliding beautifully and urgently.” – NPR

Today, Afro-Latino rock’n’roll band Making Movies releases their new single “Medicina.” “Medicina” is an anthemic, cumbia-rock cut that immediately grabs you as soon as you hear the opening distorted guitar riff. This is the first release since the band’s 2022 album XOPA. “Medicina” and the band’s story will be featured in a film produced by Univision in partnership with Chevrolet.

When describing the inspiration behind “Medicina,” lead singer and guitarist Enrique Chi shared, “We are a band formed by my brother Diego and I, two Panamanian punks who grew up in the midwest, formed Making Movies. Through 14 years of touring and sleeping on couches later, built a tribe of misfits around our music. For those who don’t know us, ‘Medicina’ tells that story.”

The phrase “Esta música es mi medicina” which translates to “this music is my medicine” ends both verses in the song, because after 14 years of creating music, the band has realized that the act of creation isn’t like medicine. It is the medicine.


That statement is put into action through the band’s activism and founding of non-profit, Art as Mentorship. The organization is a thought leader in a national movement to leverage the healing qualities of music to impact communities of color.

This is a band that makes American music with an asterisk: because Making Movies’ sound encompasses the entirety of the Americas, not solely the country inarguably centered in mainstream everything. It’s through this broader perspective that Making Movies crunches classic rock into Latin American rhythms — African-derived percussion and styles like rumba, merengue, mambo and cumbia — in a way that feels oddly familiar, yet delivers the invigorating chills of hearing something singularly special.

“Medicina” was featured in a film produced by Univision in partnership with Chevrolet launched during the Premios Juventud 2023.

July 22 – Wichita, KS – Summer Sol Festival
July 27 – Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom **
July 28 – Seattle, WA – The Moore Theatre **
August 4 & 5 – Appletown, WI – Mile of Music
September 6 & 7 – Park City, UT – Park City Song Summit
September 8 – Bowling Green, OH – Black Swamp Arts
September 9 & 10 – Kansas City, MO – Celebrate AMERI’KANA
September 14 – Bloomington, IN – Lotus Fest
September 23 – Kansas City, MO – Missouri Growers Cup

** In support of Maldita Vecindad shows
More dates to be announced soon

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