By AB Contributor Writer | April 17, 2023

La Sra. Tomasa, known for their unique and authentic music style, has struck the perfect balance between modern electronic and urban trends and the timeless essence of Latin music.

With over a decade of experience under their belt, the Barcelona-based group has become one of the most internationally renowned bands, having performed at major festivals across Europe, including Low Lands in the Netherlands and Sziget Festival in Hungary, as well as in the Americas, having just wrapped up a tour in Mexico and performed at SXSW, the biggest music festival in the United States. The band continues to expand their international reach with upcoming performances at the Ho Chi Minh Festival in Vietnam, as well as in New York, Bogota, and Medellin.

Now, La Sra. Tomasa showcases their creative prowess with a reimagined version of Celia Cruz’s “Por Si Acaso No Regreso.

This new take on one of the great Cuban songbook’s anthems remains true to the Latin essence of the original song while integrating urban sounds like Drill. It is a tribute to the salsa queen that brings the great world of traditional Cuban music and Latin folklore to new audiences. Accompanying the release is a retro-looking music video directed by J. Tilouni and Maker Fly, set in Mexico City.

This new release is just a taste of what La Sra. Tomasa has in store for 2023. “Por Si Acaso No Regreso” is now available on all digital platforms.

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