Emerging Mexican-American artist KORDELYA will showcase her music in Los Angeles

By AB Contributing WriterOctober 3, 2019AB's Top Music News, Uncategorized
By AB Contributing Writer | October 3, 2019

The refreshing Mexican-American songwriter and electro-pop artist, KORDELYA, will be showcasing her musicianship and upcoming new material at The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood, CA on October 10.

The Los Angeles-based musician KORDELYA taps into both of her Mexican and American cultures as primary inspiration and form of expression; developing from them an affinity for the universal language of music. Her passion for ethnic, percussive instruments and electronic production developed a vibrant fusion of exotic sounds and powerful lyrics. Her upcoming new album Mal Hecha is a demonstration of just that, as it combines an eclectic array of textures, ranging from dark trap-leaning production to more light-hearted, synth- based sounds.

With songs like “Feo”, “Terco”, and “Agua”, KORDELYA, formerly known as Cordelia and The Buffalo, continues to celebrate global diversity with her production of tribal pop electronic, combining the aesthetic and beauty of ancient instruments with her own electro-pop elements to make her unique and refreshing sound.

Now, in anticipation of her show at The Peppermint Club, KORDELYA will also be previewing “Consentido”, the follow-up single to “Feo”, from her upcoming album Mal Hecha to be released in early 2020.