El Haragán y Compañía: Presents #RumboALos30 The Tour Celebrating 29 Years of Musical Trajectory

By AB Contributing WriterJune 14, 2019AB's Top Music News, Uncategorized
By AB Contributing Writer | June 14, 2019

In anticipation of his 30th anniversary, Luis Álvarez “El Haragán”, singer, composer, founder and leader of the great influencing band in the history of Mexican National Rock El Haragán y Compañía, announced the first dates of his U.S. tour to celebrate his successful and continuous musical career.

The discography of El Haragán y Compañía is composed of 16 albums, about a dozen movie soundtracks that showcase the group’s music, and has participated with dozens of artists ranging from Los Tigres del Norte and Los Tucanes de Tijuana, to Emmanuel del Real (Café Tacvba), Alex Lora, Javier Bátiz and Johnny Laboriel, among many others. In addition to their many recognitions and awards, the group from the Mexican capital, has an extensive experience of leaving their mark on all kinds of stages: from the modest and smallest, to the largest and most recognized in the Mexican, European and American territory.

El Haragán’s music contains a great diversity of rhythms and musical proposals. One of the most distinctive characteristics is in the lyrics which serve as music chronicles that describe the many existential problems that people face in the megalopolis of Mexico City and the suburbs that surround it. He manages to do all of this with a sense of sharp humor- take the group’s name for example.

In spite of the little diffusion of their music in the mass media, El Haragán y Compañía enjoys great success- their massive shows are proof of it. What was once a word of mouth recommendation is now a phenomenon difficult to ignore by both the media and international attention.

Songs like “Mi Muñequita Sintética”, “Él No Lo Mató”, “En El Corazón No Hay Nada”, “No Estoy Muerto” and “Bajando en la Esquina” to mention a few, are classic songs in an audience of all ages and also form part of Mexican National Rock’s timeless hits.

“Rumbo a los 30” [On the way to 30] begins its U.S. leg on July 18 in Chicago, Illinois with the group Rebel Cats as special guests on selected dates and participation of other local artists throughout their tour.