Vega Releases a New Album – Wolverines

By Angel AguilarDecember 7, 2013AB's Top Music News, Album Reviews, Music
By Angel Aguilar | December 7, 2013

Vega CD Wolverines

Hailing from Cordoba, Spain, the 2011 Latin Grammy nominee for her album “La Cuenta Atras”, has just released her new project “Wolverines”.

“Wolverines” was recorded at East/West, La Casa and The Big Top studios in Los Angeles. Latin Grammy winner, Sebastian Krys and Vega herself, produced the album. “Wolverines” includes collaborations with the great Spanish singer Raphael and Latin jazz giant, Arturo Sandoval.

Portada de Wolverines de Vega

To learn a little bit more about the album, we had a phone conversation with Vega and here is a look at what we talked about:

Tell us about this album.

“This is a very important album for me as I decided to leave the major labels and create my own record label called “La Madriguera Records”.  I also have a lot of expectations from this album as I hope to have a stronger presence in Latin American and U.S. markets.”

Why the title “Wolverines” and why an English title?

“The name “Wolverines” is a tribute to my favorite comic hero, Wolverine from The X-men. Perhaps, he is my favorite because out of all the superheroes, he is the one that has the most human side. “Wolverines” also reflects the spirit of the album. It has lyrics with primal and animal instincts and it is all expressed with rawness and honesty.”

How was your collaboration with Raphael and Arturo Sandoval formed?

“The song “Wolverines” was inspired by Raphael, his way of singing on stage and his character as a performer. It was truly marvelous when he agreed to be part of the song.  In the other hand, with Arturo Sandoval, we composed “Funeral”. I was already playing the song live on stage, but in the studio, I wanted to add something special, and Arturo’s trumpet was the perfect complement as his way of playing it is like a lament that hits right in the heart and soul. I also wanted to add a little bit of the Latin American taste and what a better way than composing it with this giant of the Latin American music.”

Do you have plans for U.S. shows in the near future?

Yes, we are playing the SXSW in March and we will plan some gigs around this visit.  We will be playing in Los Angeles and Mexico City and we hope to add some more shows, perhaps in and around Austin and other places.”