Sera from La Vida Boheme, a rollercoaster of raw emotions

By Jeanette Hernandez / @JeanetteHndzJune 28, 2013Album Reviews, Music
La Vida Boheme
By Jeanette Hernandez / @JeanetteHndz | June 28, 2013
La Vida Boheme

Latin Alternative band La Vida Boheme’s new album Sera debuts #1 on iTunes Latin Rock charts.

As if the beginning wasn’t captivating enough with their harmonized vocals on “Cementerio Del Este”, La Vida Boheme’s album Sera only get more interesting throughout the album with the patterns of the drums and feel of rhythm. “Hornos De Cal” gets you in a giddy mood with the quicker pace of drums and a higher pitched guitar melody.

The drum work gives you a feel of adrenaline, especially in the angst song “Le Sangre Y El Eco,” where you get absorbed into the tempo of elevation towards the end of the song. What makes this album intriguing is the way that the band used all the instruments, a wide range from synthesizers to the contrary of raw acoustics, to provide for us a story full of emotions. Sera samples their groovy side full of 80’s style synthesizers on “La Piel Del Mal,” which makes it a more dancing and upbeat tune.

Towards the second half of the album, the tunes get more upbeat with bass. You feel the anger through screeches and beat amplifications on “Antes Era Mejor.” “Aun” continues as a vocal-empowered tune featuring acoustic and leads to a trumpet solo on “El Futuro Funciona.” The band closes their album with a blend of hopeful and helpless in a romantic song “Ariadna.”

This album is a rollercoaster of raw emotions. The music itself creates a story from how the world looks to what I think of as a teenager with angst to an adult asking for their loved one to come back. This band definitely knows how to have you instantly hooked and wondering what is next. Their use of wide varieties of instruments is hard to ignore. Check them out!

-Photo courtesy of Nacional Records