Ruiseñora – New Album by Andrea Echeverri

By Angel AguilarApril 17, 2014AB's Top Music News, Album Reviews, Music
Ruisenora de Andrea Echeverri
By Angel Aguilar | April 17, 2014

Andrea Echeverri recently launched her third solo album Ruiseñora through Nacional Records.

Andrea became one of most recognizable voices in the Spanish rock world through her work with her band Aterciopelados, her solo work and also through her defense for human rights and her pleads for peace around the world.

As a singer, Andre Echeverri has been in the music scene since the 90’s. At the beginning, along with Hector Buitrago formed the band Delia y los Aminoácidos. The band began playing at a night club in the neighborhood of La Candelaria in Bogota. With Delia y los Aminoácidos, Andrea and Hector began their long musical collaboration, which in a short time, would lead to Aterciopelados, which became one of the most iconic Spanish rock bands in all of Latin America.

Ruiseñora is a very personal album with songs about maternity, the identity, collectivity and devotion to the planet. This is probably the most experimental and risky album Andrea has ever recorded. Andrea also participated in the production process, making it clear that she wanted to do more than just write and sing.

Recorded in her home studio in Teusaquillo, Andrea experimented with all types of instruments, exploring different sounds and looking for innovative sound combinations that would give form to the melodies that would be part of this record.

The result was what Andrea calls “Rock semilla”, (seed rock) a sound that is characterized by the absence of instruments that traditionally provide rhythm to songs, like bass and drums, and choosing string instruments tambourines, maracas, and more traditional instruments like maracón, maraquita, and chequeré.

“ All these crafty work was composed, produced and executed by me, almost like a game, almost like happiness, my nourishment for more than a year, under the protective wings of my friend Richard Blair (Sidestepper)” “Different from my past work, Ruiseñora, is more mine, more crafty. It sounds like me” Commented Andrea.

With this new album, Andreas has been able to detach herself from the sound that has always characterized her previous work with Aterciopelados and her first two albums, which still had hints of Aterciopelados. With Ruiseñora, Andrea has found her own musical identity and now that she has opened this new musical path, it is interesting to think of where she will go next, even when she goes back to Aterciopelados, as Aterciopelados still continues as a band.

Ruiseñora can be found at record stores and also at iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.