Sweet homecoming for Gaby Moreno

By Ángel AguilarMarch 7, 2013AB's Top Music News
By Ángel Aguilar | March 7, 2013



Gaby Moreno’s latest album, Postales, has taken her all over the world. But this past weekend, the Guatemalan-born singer had a sweet homecoming to her adoptive Los Angeles home as she opened for Guatemalan compatriot Ricardo Arjona at the Nokia Theater.

Soon after 8 p.m. on the evening of March 2nd, the venue’s house lights dimmed and the graceful Gaby Moreno walked on stage accompanied by her band. In what is clearly a testament to her musical talent, Gaby is just as comfortable on a gigantic stage such as the Nokia Theater’s, as she is in smaller, more intimate venues. Her soulful voice, old soul and charming charisma reaches every person and corner in any size hall she plays. Such was the case on that Saturday night when after only a few notes the audience was completely under her musical spell.


Gaby and her band performed nearly half of her Postales album, starting off with “Valle de Magnolias”, followed by the 1947 Spanish pop classic, “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas”, which has been covered by such luminaries as Nat King Cole, Celia Cruz, and more recently by Jennifer Lopez with Andrea Bocelli.

On “No Estoy Tan Mal” Gaby’s passionate voice captivated the audience. With “Ave Que Emigra”, Gaby gave tribute to her homeland and the nostalgia of having to leave your birthplace in search of a better life. The many Guatemalan compatriots in the audience took the song to heart as they waved Guatemalan flags proudly in the air.

Gaby closed her set with “Tranvia” after which the audience gave the young singer and her band a well-deserved send off of non-stop applause.