By AB Contributing WriterJune 14, 2019AB's Top Music News
By AB Contributing Writer | June 14, 2019

After 24 years of continuous work and with a new studio album presented in 2 spectacular concerts in the Arena CDMX that sold out more than 40,000 tickets in just a few days, Panteón Rococó kicked off their “Infiernos” tour, now coming to the U.S. in the month of July.

“Infiernos” is the new album by Panteón Rococó, made up of 11 unreleased songs, demonstrating loyalty to themselves and their followers once again through their lyrics, melodies and annual tours to different destinations in both the American and European continents.

Panteón Rococó is a standard of the Latin spirit and a Mexican pride; a band that can be trusted for their genuine discourse and solidarity, but above all for their music that conveys reality and humanity. The one who knows Panteón Rococó, knows through their music a way to spend the days with joy and without conformism, questioning and contributing with alternatives; but with prioritizing respect towards our land, towards oneself and coexisting with other human beings.

Towards the end of 2018, 2 singles from their new album: Tonantzin and El Ultimo Ska, occupied the first places on digital platforms and on the radio.

“Infiernos” is one of the most anticipated works of Panteón Rococó, the ninth album in the band’s career that demonstrates once again their ability to compose new music and reach the hearts of their followers. “Infiernos” is the third single whose video was recorded in the streets of Berlin, an endearing place for the band since their first albums.

Panteón Rococo’s international tour will arrive in North America on July 9 starting in Boston and will tour 16 cities in less than a month. Tickets are now on sale.