Hector Guerra’s album release at the M-Bar

By Ángel AguilarMarch 7, 2013AB's Top Music News
By Ángel Aguilar | March 7, 2013

Spanish/Bolivian hip-hop artist Hector Guerra chose the M-Bar in East L.A. to present his new album, Amor. There, the capacity crowd was treated to one of the most exciting shows of the year, thus far.

For the first time on this tour, which took the singer to Chicago and San Francisco, Hector Guerra included live elements to his show.  With the help of live percussions by members of L.A. outfits Buyepongo and La Chamba, his music was completely reenergized.

Hector was also joined on stage by the beautiful and talented Eyerie Zenzele, as well as by one of Hector’s own L.A. mentors, Zero El Vuh.

To get a taste of what went down at Hector Guerra’s album release at the M-Bar, check out this video performance of “What Up?”…

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