Café Tacvba Ready to Enjoy 30th Anniversary Tour

By | August 29, 2019

Iconic Grammy Award-winning rock band Café Tacvba burst onto the scene in the early 1990s as a supernova force of rock en español and traditional Mexican folk songs.

Thirty years later, the band is touring across the U.S. for their 30th Anniversary Tour, truly living up the musical success of the last three decades.

Al spoke with lead singer Rubén Albarran in an exclusive phone interview about the musical phase the band is in now, their upcoming performances in Southern California and what messages they hope fans will take away from their tour.

“This tour is to celebrate the selection of songs throughout our history,” Albarran said.

Café Tacvba’s hit list of songs throughout the years include “La Ingrata”, “Eres”, “Las Flores”, and “Quiero Ver” among many others.  

When asked to describe the last three decades in three words or less, he used “experimentation” for the band’s first decade, “consolidating sound” for the second, and “enjoyment” for its current decade.

“Now we are the essence of Café Tacvba—we know ourselves musically, our vision, how to express ourselves—now it’s about enjoying ourselves,” Albarran added.

The lead singer said he is looking forward to playing all their songs on stage, including two performances in Southern California.

Albarran  said it will be the first time the band performs at the Harrah’s Resort Southern California in Funner, Calif.

He said Café Tacvba wants to share on this tour a message of compassion with its fans—especially those who are recent immigrants.

“[For our fans] in the United States, we send them our best thoughts, especially to those who were born in a different place than the place they find themselves in now. I know this is a difficult time, and we want our music to embrace them, to accompany them, and to share our vision that we can all create a better world together,” Albarran said.

Their message will be loud and clear as they hit the stage at performance venues across the country.

For a full list of concert dates, click here.