Benny Ibarra Enlists Lila Downs in “Calaveras” Track From Upcoming “Marcha de la vida” Album

By Hilda GabrielaSeptember 2, 2010AB's Top Music News

Benny Ibarra Perhaps there’s not much that Benny Ibarra can do to separate his name from that of 80’s Mexican pop sensation, Timbiriche. Nor may he want to do so. But with a proposal that is lyrically solely his and with the collaboration of musical great, Lila Downs, the singer/actor/producer may be on the path to solidarity.

The project is called La marcha de la vida (The march of life). It’s Benny’s most recent work and one that took more than two years to complete. It’s also Benny’s mid-life crisis, per say, which after nearly 29 years of being in the business, allows him to flirt with electronica elements and go outside of his comfort zone enlisting Lila Downs as guest for the first time in his career. The vocal powers of Downs can be heard on the track, “Calaveras” which Benny wrote with her in mind. It’s a day of the dead-inspired tune that combines rhythmic pop with the sultry, graspy voice that has identified the female singer unique. It’s also a tune that shows promising, giving Benny a leg up as he anticipates his Mexico/US tour in promotion of La marcha de la vida.

Benny Ibarra

La marcha de la vida is  an album that although not conceptual, is however, strategic. The songs, independent of one another, may speak to those who favor his signature rock guitar riffs as well as those that are in tune with popular and modern elements such as electronic beats. It’s his most recent album since his 2006 Estoy attempt which later gave way to the release of a DVD recording of his 2005 Auditorio Nacional presentation.

The album is set for Mexico release on the 10th of September, with late fall being the release season for the US market. The tour will also kick off in late October with Monterrey, Mexico being the first of what will surely be an extensive date list.  

As the tour nears US terrain, we’ll keep you updated to when and where you can catch the live performances of Benny Ibarra near your home town.