10 Nasty Electro Cumbias to Dance Your Butt Off

By Nacho MarianoSeptember 15, 2016Music Videos
By Nacho Mariano | September 15, 2016

The synthesizer is the instrument that made cumbias cool; prior to DJs mixing genres and new sounds, they were songs you only dance to at Quinceaneras.

Bands like The Mexican Institute of Sound, Bomba Estéreo and Amandititita are responsible for making these tunes mainstream.

Whether you’re putting together a playlist to clean your house or to get the party started, these electro cumbias will make you shake your butt off:


“La Cumbia de Doña Gaby” 

The nastiest of all cumbias! The origin of this song still remains unknown, all we know so far is that it came from the funny guys from La Corneta, a Mexican radio show at Los 40 Principales.


“Chichon” by Dengue Dengue Dengue

The tropical storm from Lima, Peru lands spot #2 on our nasty electro cumbia list with a track from their album “La Alianza Profana”.


“Samba la Mamba” by Bacondo

Self-proclaimed as the pioneer of electronic music in Chile, Bacondo’s “Samba la Mamba” reminds us of Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor” mixed with an energetic batucada.


“Vamos Bailando” by Astros de Mendoza

We dare you not to tap your foot while listening to this catchy jam! Straight from Playa del Carmen, Mexico the dynamic duo of Alan Olivas y Diego H. gift us with this gem. Your mom will love it!


“Violentao” por Maria y Jose

Tony Gallardo is the brilliant mind behind this “complicated, crazy and catchy” mix. He is from Tijuana, Mexico, find out more about this fascinating character here.


 “Tremor” original song by Caracol mixed by Clorofila from Nortec Collective

Caracol had already created an incredible piece and Nortec thought they could improve it. We think they did, ENJOY!


“La Cumbia del Stereo” by Lasser Moderna

Remember Silverio and Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser? Well Lasser Moderna was on fleek around the same time these guys were blasting and you were dancing to their flirty beats.


“Viernes de Quincena” by Amandititita

For some reason people LOVE TO HATE on Amandititita claiming she has made a “so-called” musical career with no talent at all but then again so have others! and in this chaparrita’s case… I’m sorry but it takes some good brains and balls to come up with such funny and HONEST lyrics #YouGoAmandititita


“Cumbia Lunera” by El Gran Silencio

Isn’t it a shame these guys are not producing music anymore? Follow the lead singer here!


Za, za, za Yacuza?