LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES Premieres Their New Single “Something”

By AB Contributing WriterMarch 13, 2020AB's Top Music News, Music
By AB Contributing Writer | March 13, 2020

“Something is the tittle of the new song that we did together with the great Agustín Espina and the talented Sofy Encanto, singer of @elasticbond, under the production of the master Enrique González Müller. We are very proud and happy with the result.”

“Tu me das something, yes tú me das something…”

Spanglish is becoming more and more universal. “Something” It’s a song about believing in the beauty of life, as well as a song for your playlist at the gym. Good power. It’s funky, k-pop, Caribbean inspired by soka rhythms and Venezuelan drums and bagpipes with a guitar solo that Daft Punk would envy. Dedicated to lovers!”

After winning the Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Song with “Tócamela”, Los Amigos Invisibles will kick off their 2020 tour with shows in Ecuador, 6 performances in Australia and 16 more in the United States; the latter with Aterciopelados as part of the United States of Latin America tour.