Live in Buenos Aires – New Album by Natalia Clavier

By Angel AguilarNovember 5, 2015Album Reviews, Music
Natalia Clavier - Buenos Aires
By Angel Aguilar | November 5, 2015

Natalia Clavier, the sultry-voiced singer we’ve heard fronting Thievery Corporation concerts around the world and on her own albums, brings us to her home town on her new album Live in Buenos Aires, which was released on  October 30th. The album was recorded at a show in Buenos Aires at Teatro Del Viaje Mercado.

Natalia’s signature jazz-inspired vocals and electronic textures are ever-present on this live album, with an extra touch of that live spontaneity and rawness that make you feel as if you were in Buenos Aires with her. The album features lives twists on familiar songs such as ‘El Tren,’ ‘Trouble,’ and ‘Every Time.’ Rounding out the album album are some funky bonus remixes of the songs ‘Lumen’ and ‘Cantanta’.

A few days before the album release show in New York City, we had the chance to speak to the Argentine singer via telephone where she shared with us her excitement for this new album.

Al Borde – How did the idea of recording a live album in Argentina come about?

Natalia – I had to go back to Argentina to renew my visa and a family friend thought it would be a good idea to do a show in this theater (Teatro Del Viaje Mercado) and the owner of the theater knew my music and he liked the idea and the idea to record the show was my brothers, who was the musical director for this show, he worked on all the arrangements and put the band together.

Al Borde – Had you had the chance to play your solo material in Argentina previously?

Natalia – No, I had played in Argentina with Thievery Corporation, but not as a solo artist, and that’s why I chose this show to be recorded because it was a very special show, there was a sentimental element to it since we played in front of family and friends and even saw people I went to school with in kindergarten and the fans in Argentina that had not heard my solo material live.

Al Borde – Now that you have had a sort of “re-introduction” to Argentina with this new album and the promotion work you did while there, do you have plans to go back and tour?

Natalia – I would love to, but I think I want to first tour here in the U.S. with this new band and then make my way back down to South America.

Al Borde – The album also includes a couple of remixes of some of the songs from the Lumen album.

Natalia- Yes, these remixes were kind of kicking around in the background, these remixes were done by friends and I thought this would be a good opportunity to include these songs as bonus tracks. 

Al Borde – How do you manage working on two separate projects like Thievery Corporation and your solo work?

Natalia – It’s complicated but not impossible, with Thievery Corporation is more a matter of coordinating the tours, because the studio work is minimal so it’s more about the traveling and playing live and my solo work is more studio work. 

The new album Live in Buenos Aires is available in iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

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