La Gusana Ciega Close the Hola Mexico Film Festival

La Gusana Ciega at Hola Mexico FF
By | May 21, 2014

On a cool evening at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, actors, actresses, writers, directors and musicians walked the red carpet at the closing of the Hola Mexico Film Festival which featured the movie “Volando Bajo” and the live concert appearance of one of the most creative rock bands in Mexico, La Gusana Ciega.

Local band Viento Callejero opened the festivities and slowly but surely people began to get up and dance as they could not resist the addicting rhythms of the band.

As soon as it became dark, the outdoor giant screen came alive with the presentation of “Volando Bajo” a funny fictional tale of Chuyin Venegas and Cornelio Barraza, who created Los Jilgueros de Rosarito, a band that went on to become music and movie superstars during the 80’s.

Volando Bajo was directed by Beto Gomez and it included the acting talent of Gerardo Taracena, Rodrigo Oviedo, Rafael Inclan and Ludwika Paleta. Daniel Gutiérrez singer and guitarist of La Gusana Ciega worked on the movie soundtrack and also included a cameo appearance at a recording studio at the end of the movie

During their appearance at the red carpet, we had a chance to exchange a few words with guys in La Gusana Ciega and here is a short excerpt of our conversation:

Al Borde:It has been a while since you’ve played in the United Stated and now it appears you are having some sort of comeback or resurgence in the United States, tell us about that?

La Gusana Ciega: It is true, we are having a sort of comeback as we haven’t played in the United States in a while, but we have been very active in Mexico and last year we played the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City and that was part of the plan to consolidate ourselves in Mexico and now we are ready to do the same on this side of the border.

Do you feel anything different when you play in the United States?

More than anything is the anticipation, sometimes it feels like we are starting over and we don’t know if people even know who we are, so it makes us feel like a new band again and it makes it more exciting.

As soon as the movie ended, Daniel Gutiérrez walked on stage by himself and strapped on his Rickenbacker guitar and called on Chuyin Venegas (Gerardo Taracena) to join him on stage and started off the concert with a duet with a track from the movie.

After the duet, the rest of the band joined Daniel on stage and hit parade began, and songs like Celofan”, “Me Puedes”, “No Me Tientes” and a couple of songs from their covers album Jaibol like “Hey” from the one and only Julio Iglesias and  70’s classic  “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”.