Get More Disturbed with Viento Callejero

By Laura PelayoFebruary 4, 2015Music, Music Festivals
Viento Callejero
By Laura Pelayo | February 4, 2015

Join in the party with Viento Callejero ’s new video “Turbo Max.” The LA-based cumbia-band continues to work hard and do what they do best, produce great entertainment.

“Turbo Max” is an instrumental song that Viento Callejero wrote for their debut self-titled album. The funky tune was conceived by all three band members; each contributing with their own special ingredient. Guitarist Gloria Estrada had the main riff floating in her head for some time. When she played it one night along her colleagues, drummer Gabriel Villa quickly added a beat and bassist Federico Zuniga created responding bass lines to the melody. It’s a corky tune whose meaning refers to being more disturbed and it can easily find a home in a Quentin Tarantino film.

The video is directed by a good friend of the band, John Cantu and was shot in two days. Gloria explains: “the idea was to capture the band playing in an intimate red-room with flickering light going in and out of dancing scenes. They were joined by twelve friends who were ecstatic to help out and show off their dancing skills on camera. Some scenes also include footage in the history city of Echo Park. Along their journey through the city, they encountered a motorcycle crew (MOM Ridaz) who didn’t hesitate to join in and make an appearance.”

Check out Viento Callejero live and in action at the Los Angeles Cumbia Festival at The Aratani Japan American Theatre in Los Angeles on February 28th.

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