On Our Radar: Mikel Erentxun “24 Golpes”

By Ángel AguilarFebruary 8, 2012Album Reviews

From the opening chords of “Cuervos Blancos”, the first cut from Mikel Erenxtun’s recent album, 24 Golpes, a new sound and direction is evident. The old and familiar pop rock hooks are replaced with a rustic sound that is rock n’ roll heavy with guitar, bass and drums.

Many of his musical influences are also present on the album, including hints of 70’s rock from artists such as Neil Young, The Beatles, and in the case of “Intacto”, Tom Waits as well. Hints of David Bowie are apparent in “Si Te Vas”, the first single from the album and for which Erentxun has stated that while the song was in progress and without a title, he used to call it “Heroes” which is one of Bowie’s best-known songs.

The album is also a compilation of firsts for the singer, having recorded the album entirely in analog and writing most of the lyrics himself. With this album, he also recorded Eléctrica Pkwy, a limited edition copy that contains songs recorded in the Venezuelan’s home and in which he played all musical instruments.

In 24 Golpes, Erentxun also takes vocal risks that give for a variation in vocal ranges that sound older, mature, and vulnerable at times. The album was produced by Henry Hirsh and recorded in a mere 10 days, giving the tracks a certain sound of urgency and freshness. “24 Golpes” was recorded in a former church turned recording studio just off the Hudson River and perhaps that sense of “new meets old” also had a hand in the freshness of the album.

Much like Enrique Bunbury who follows his intuition when making music, rather than a desire to meet records sales or receive accolades, Erentxun makes music exciting by recording albums that are musically and lyrically engaging. If you are a fan of good and courageous music, this album is a must.

“24 Golpes” (Warner Music Spain) is out now where major records are sold.

1.Cuervos blancos
2.Si te vas
7. Ropa vacía
8.Reglas del juego
9.Con la vida en los talons
10.A veces te quiero siempre