Carla Morrison to launch Pan Dulce Productions

By Al Borde NewsApril 18, 2013AB's Top Music News, Music
By Al Borde News | April 18, 2013

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Motivated by her need to support independent talent in Mexico, indie singer Carla Morrison has decided to launch Pan Dulce Productions, a company that provides independent musicians the tools needed to be self sufficient and successful.

The young artist plans to promote her newfound talent through her network, including her 310,000+ Twitter followers and faithful fan base. “The idea is to present music of quality, with soul, style, and with honest intentions,” said Morrison. “I received a lot of help from people who wanted nothing in return, and now it’s my turn to give that all back.”

According to Morrison, her first years as a solo act following her split from former band Babaluca taught her the importance of being pro active. Working as her own manager, booking agent, and staff, aside from writing her own lyrics and music, allowed the artist to gain valuable insights in regards to what works and what doesn’t in the music industry. “I was going against all odds because people thought I was too much of this or not enough of that,” said Morrison. “But wonderful people like Natalia Lafourcade, Leonel Garcia, Jordan Berailut, Mark Erickson, Julieta Venegas, and others, as well as my fans, allowed me to continue on this path.”

Pan Dulce Productions will support the talent that satisfies the musical tastes of its founder, and will not receive material from bands. If you’re a musician that is independent, hardworking, talented, and makes music to move the body and soul—and not for the sake of money, Pan Dulce Productions will find you.