Campo – Remixes & Rarezas

By Angel AguilarJune 4, 2014Album Reviews, Music
Campo banda uruguaya
By Angel Aguilar | June 4, 2014

Campo banda uruguaya

Campo released a new album, Remixes & Rarezas, featuring live recordings, demos, remixes, versions and new things, showing another side of Campo, the group from Uruguay created by the musician and producer Juan Campodónico, who has collaborated and produce tracks and albums with several known artists from around the world

The work has unfolded and broadens his debut album called Campo, nominated for the Grammy 2013 and Latin Grammy 2012.

Remixes & Rarezas gave us the chance to experiment and look for new forms of art without the pressure of this being a second movement. We loved the result. Many ideas came up in the process pointing to where we could take our music in the future”-says Juan Campodónico.

The CD features new remixes that shed a totally new light on songs like “Cumbio” in its version by Santé les Amis and Boni, “La Marcha Tropical” in the version by the Swedish artist Ellen Akbro and the Argentine musician Gaby Kerpel, himself a member of De La Guarda; plus “1987” and “Heartbreaks” by Campo, revealing the remixing potential of Juan Campodónico and Pablo Bonilla.

Campo - Remixes y Rarezas“Heartbreaks (Campo Remix)” is the record’s first single. The new version transforms the track into an incredible candombe with nuances of Britpop that seems to change the time space coordinates. Pedro Ferreira and Manolo Guardia are at the level of Depeche Mode and Blur.

The drums of Tatita Márquez and the trumpet of Gillespi contribute by adding color to this evolution that pulls “Heartbreaks” out of the club and places it in a street dance.

Remixes & Rarezas also reflects how the Campo project has expanded and become richer while mutating into a live band that took on different formats. The “1987, Roundbouts” demo; “Tuve Sol”, by Verónica Loza, recorded live at Teatro El Galpón of Montevideo; “Carmesí” by Martín Rivero in a new rendition of the band and the version of “El Mareo,” recorded during the Corner MTV show, attest to these mutations.

The album closes with a new door that opens in the Campo universe. “Fobal” is part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Jugadores con Patente.’  It mixes murga and soccer in Campo’s unique style: the soccer field meets the stage and ends up on the dance floor.

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