Buyepongo connects with todo el mundo

By Laura PelayoFebruary 4, 2016AB's Top Music News, Music
By Laura Pelayo | February 4, 2016

With their Cuban and jazzy sounds, the Los Angeles Latin band kept the crowd warm and vibrating at the El Rey Theatre.

Approaching the elegant and historic El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, you could feel the heat brewing-up inside. Saturday, January 30th, 2016 was the night to partake in Buyepongo’s Record Release Party, presented by Goldenvoice. To memorialize the release of their new full-length album, Todo Mundo (All the World), Buyepongo invited all the world to join them, including some fellow talented musicians to share the stage; beloved KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole, DJ Cut Chemist (former Ozomatli and Jurrassic 5), Changui Majadero and Dexter’s Story.

Walking into the beautiful venue, elegant chandeliers rained down a dim light providing a perfect vibe for people to put their feet to work on the dance-floor. Changui Majadero was the catalyst of initiating movement with their authentic Cuban sounds. Dexter’s Story brought some African jazz with a full band including the beautiful sounds of a cello. The music bounced from the stage to an ample corner of the place; as DJs Jeremy Sole and Cut Chemist kept the crowd warm and vibrating between bands.


Buyepongo has been hard at work recording their new album and coming fresh out of a tour that included shows in New York and Philadelphia. But tonight was their night to rejoice in their hard work. The anticipated band of the night finally emerged on stage. Buyepongo, which means “to cause a ruckus,” was more than ready to live up to their name. The worked-up crowd gave them a warm welcome, the band strapped on their instruments, took their perspective places and the temperature continued to rise.

The “Buyesera” began to the taste of new material from Todo Mundo. The song “Vamos a Gozar” (“Let’s Enjoy”) carries a salsa beat with a sweet guitar riff that invites you to live for the present and enjoy life to the fullest. “Pegao” (“Closer”) begins with a sensual saxophone intro, then switches to a merengue beat that urges you to dance nice and close. “Al Regresar” (“To Return”) is dedicated to going back to the motherland; valuing family and never forgetting your roots. “Gorditas” is a fun merengue tune that pays tribute to the beautiful and luscious “full figured” ladies.

There is no man left behind amongst the handsome gentlemen of Buyepongo; with their multi-instruments, including a saxophone, a conga and an accordion, each and every one of them projects amazing energy and talent that makes a fully-entertaining show.

“Music is love and love is life” (preface) Todo Mundo, a twelve-song album, radiates positivity while welcoming every one of all ages, colors, sizes and races to love, have a good time and enjoy life.

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Image Credits: Laura Pelayo.