Bunbury – A Strange UFO Phenomenon Over California

By Angel Aguilar & Laura PelayoSeptember 11, 2014AB's Top Music News, Music
Bunbury at Los Angeles CA 2014
By Angel Aguilar & Laura Pelayo | September 11, 2014

Bunbury at Los Angeles CA 2014

UFO sightings were reported over San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego last week as Bunbury was beamed down to The Fillmore, The Greek Theater and the SDSU Open Air Theatre where along with his band, Los Santos Inocentes, audiences were treated to spectacular and passionate performances as part of the North American leg of the Palosanto Tour.


For the first date of the tour at the Fillmore in San Francisco on Wednesday September 3rd, the first sold out show of the tour was registered. Fans lined up outside the Fillmore from the early hours of the afternoon hoping to catch a glimpse of Bunbury or the band members as they arrived for sound check and some of these fans were to follow the tour all the way down to San Diego.

Those who follow Bunbury are very passionate and even fanatical about his music and image and I believe it also has to do with the respect and care that Bunbury has for his fans as he always gives 110 % in every performance and so does his band and when not on stage, they are very close to the fans as it happened in San Francisco when members of Los Santos Inocentes hung out with fans after the show at a local bar.

On Friday, September 5, outside The Greek Theater, excited fans gathered outside the venue and those who came down from San Francisco shared their experience from the Fillmore as the excitement kept rising.

As the lights went down, the familiar melodies of “Bocanada” came over the speakers as a black and white picture of Gustavo Cerati appeared on the giant screen at the back of the stage. Many people cheered while others clapped as everyone shared in this simple but solemn tribute to this Latin American music icon that passed away last Thursday after being in a coma for four years.

After taking us on a trip through space, a UFO appeared and hovered over the stage and as a light beam came down, Bunbury appeared and the now familiar notes of “Despierta”, the first single from the new album Palosanto, gave start to this almost other worldly and magical night under the stars at a completely full Greek Theater.
Bunbury at San Francisco

From the very first song and for the following 2 and half hours, the connection with the crowd at the Greek Theater was air tight. Everyone from the first row up to the very last row in the bleachers was up on their feet and not only singing along, but feeling every single lyric and musical note.

After the show, people were commenting how they felt the hairs on their necks rise or how they had goose bumps throughout the show and many who were seeing Bunbury for the first time were completely blown away by the energy, passion and connection he has with his audience.

On Saturday, September 6, anxious fans, including many who went down from Los Angeles, swarmed the outdoor theatre in San Diego in anticipation to be amazed by the Spanish singer.

The crowd went insane at the sight of his untamed curly mane and his eccentric true rock star attire. Bunbury strutted through the stage with immaculate style and showed off his incredible stage presence with his very unique movements. He graced his fans with 26 electrifying songs that included favorites from the beloved Heroes del Silencio and from his older solo albums, like “El Extranjero”, “Deshacer El Mundo”, “El Rescate”, and “Lady Blue.”

Mixing in hard rock and acoustic versions of his hits, the crowd was simply mesmerized. He returned to the stage with two encores that ended with the two classics, “Sacame de Aqui” and “El Viento A Favor.”

His vibrant performance proved his consistent passion and talent. Bunbury never ceases to leaves his fans with a sense of satisfaction and anticipation for more all at the same time.
With big concert productions, there is always the risk of losing spontaneity, but besides the set list being very similar (because of the high tech production), except for a few changes at certain sections of the show, a Bunbury show is always full of excitement and passion and a feeling that one ever knows what’s going to happen, or who is going to show up to join Bunbury on stage, or what surprise song he is going to sing. Above and beyond the great music and fervent stage performances the element of surprise always makes a Bunbury concert a special event.





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