SONIC SEDUCTION: the revelatory sounds of Pet the Music

By Roland Vic August 9, 2017Bios
By Roland Vic | August 9, 2017

That giddy feeling of falling in love: as if your stomach dropped down to your knees—and your perceptions turned thrillingly upside-down.

That’s the feeling we want to create when you hear one of our songs,” declares Tijuana-born Miguel Ángel Montes—co-founder of bilingual alternative rock band Pet the Music. He smiles modestly. “At least, well…that’s what we’re always aiming for.”

Founded in East LA and the Inland Empire, Pet the Music began as a two-piece collaboration between singer/guitarist Miguel Montes and bassist/singer Adriana Molina. From the first, their music combined irresistibly catchy harmony and melody with unexpected sonic twists—and bracing power. But initially—as a two-person outfit—pre-recorded drum tracks provided their only backing percussion. “When it came to making the songs come alive, we needed more,” explains Montes.

In seeking out the more organic sound, feel and power of a flesh-and-bones drummer, the band finally secured a truly remarkable third member: veteran percussionist and recording artist Gabriel “Gabo” Ramirez.

Inspired with the influence (and sonic echoes) of bands from Nirvana and the Pixies to Smashing Pumpkins, Pet the Music’s sound isn’t easy to pin down to one simple genre or style. “We try to work in that place of harmony where life meets music…letting a song’s structures evolve naturally, as we experiment and explore. There’s never a formula.”

With melodies that are upbeat while never failing to surprise, and lyrics as sincere as they are idiosyncratic, Pet the Music has blown away audiences.

Having recently followed up their self-titled debut EP with their first full-length release, “No Matter Where”, the band just released their first Latin/Spanish bilingual EP, “Girasol”.

What can listeners hope to hear from the brand-new release? “Expect to be surprised,” says Miguel. “If there’s one thing we want to achieve, it’s this: that we write songs you can fall in love with—even though they may not sound quite like anything you’ve heard before.”

Cool facts about the band

Miguel was a church choir director when he was 14 years old.

Miguel and Adriana like to go to thrift stores to look for cool vinyl records, specifically Christmas records.

Gabo has played with Concrete Blonde, and Sergio Arau y los Heavy Mex.

Why should people be into their music:

We have fun working on our music, and we hope the energy is conveyed to the listeners.  We like to play with music structures, just as a poet may play with rhyme schemes.  Mainly we want to make people feel.

What does Pet the Music bring to the LA music scene:

We like to experiment with sounds, like mixing synthesizers with guitar rock music.  It’s an evolving sound.  But mostly, we like to think that we have a unique sound with scattered elements of artists who have influenced us.


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