Las Robertas’ new album ‘Waves of the New’ is the flower power vibe of 2017

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las robertas
By | May 4, 2017

Costa Rica has blessed us with the 60’s retro inspired band Las Robertas.

For those who don’t know, the San José based trio consists of drummer Fabrizio Durán, guitarist and vocalist Mercedes Oller, and bassist and vocalist Sonya Carmona.

Their distinguishing echoing and hypnotizing sirena-like voices over punk and psychedelic melodies creates a complete trance of their own. You’ll immediately be sonically drawn into the world of Las Robertas.

Las Robertas’ upcoming album Waves of the New is launching on May 5, and because we introduce you to the sweetest sounds– Al Borde conversed with the lead front woman Mercedes Oller about the upcoming record, the band’s unmistakable aesthetic and about their everyday life.

Q: Tell us about the new album.

Waves of the New was recorded in San Diego, California last year. It was recorded, produced and mixed by John Greene who passed away unexpectedly in November of last year. It’s really symbolic because it was our last work with him and it’s our first record with the recordings of the current line-up together. It’s really special because of that and because the lyrics are positive: about changing and about being in a good state of mind.

Q: How’d the band come together? You are the only original member, correct?

Yeah. The band started in 2009 with another line up. Basically we experimented with different members but then we had a solid line up with Franco (Valenciano) and Monserrat (Vargas), they were the founding members as well. Fabrizio joined the band in 2012 and Sonya in 2015, which are now the current members.

Q: Tell us about the band’s all-around retro 60’s inspiration.

Everyone in the band likes that aesthetic. For me, it’s been an inspiration for the music I make, the music I listen to, the way I dress, even the design of our records. For this new record it was more 60’s than any other record or single that we’ve done before. It was basically the girl who played in our band before who really influenced the band with punk songs. Now with Sonya and I, everything was intensified with the 60’s. Flower power.

Q: Would you say the band is more psychedelic than punk now?

Yeah! I honestly don’t like punk music right now. I like old school punk like The Ramones, they’re amazing, but I’m not really into a lot of punk stuff. I’m more into indie pop, the new psychedelic. I think we have more inspiration from the new psychedelic than the 60’s in general.

Q: Besides music, what do you three do on the daily?

Fabrizio goes to school; he’s an art history major. He’s almost out of school! Sonya and I work from home. Sonya does tech support for games and apps. I do social media content for a brand and manage another band from Costa Rica.

Waves of the New will be available on May 5. Watch their trippy-vibrant video for lead single “Not Enough” below:

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Photo courtesy: Jaime Fernandez