Introducing Sin Color, everyone’s new favorite band!

By Grecia HSeptember 28, 2016Bios
By Grecia H | September 28, 2016

Meet the band whose style could be describe as a mix of electro 80s, synth pop with bossa nova, cumbia and even some Latin beats.

Their names are Crisia and David, together they’re Sin Color: two young and extremely talented musicians who are ready to take it to the next level.

We had the opportunity to do a Q&A session with them, check it out!

What’s your music background?

Crisia: I would hear my grandma sing while washing dishes and always thought she sounded like a little bird. When my dad bought a karaoke for the family, I took over it and would sing every Shakira song! That’s when I realized I was born to be a singer/performer.

At 10 years old I joined the Harmonies Girls Choir where I was taught by Antonio Espinal choral sacred, opera and classical music. Eventually I picked up mariachi by imitating Lola Beltran, Flor Silvestre and Lucha Villa; the last training I received was at LACHSA where I studied Vocal Jazz.

David: I’m a self-taught multi-instrumentalist. The most I’ve trained was 2 months of guitar lessons that consisted of 1 hour per week at trade tech.

I’ve been told my greatest asset is composing. I began composing and arranging music at a young age. I was organizing and re-arranging songs for reggae and ska bands in the local scene and eventually felt the urge to expand and discover new music.

In the search of something different I began composing melancholy progressions and melodies, which play a big part in Sin Color’s music.

How did you get in touch with producer Eugene Toale?

We found Eugene through Viento Callejero’s electronic press kit.  We loved what he did for Viento Callejeros album and immediately thought he was the perfect fit for our next record.

When we contacted him, he asked how we got a hold of his number so we said that it was through Gloria Estrada (from Viento Callejero) but it was really thanks to David’s amazing stalking skills! Gloria did not even know who we were at that time.

Tell us a bit about Sin ColOrquestra

Sin Colorquestra is the two of us backed by a small 10-piece orchestra and two professional dancers. The concept came up when we invited professional violinist, Tylana Renga and professional cellist, Peter Jacobson to jam with us. After that all the other musicians fell organically into place.

Although it’s one of our favorite forms of Sin Color, we only perform as Sin Colorquestra once or twice a year.

We know there’s a Sin Color album coming out (Finally!) before 2016 ends, can you give us any details on what to expect?

It will be an 11-track album, 10 as Sin Color and 1 as Sin ColOrquestra and it will feature awesome collaborations with Buyepongo, Urbano from ECNO, Eddy from Liquits, and Gloria Estrada from Viento Callejero.


10 Things You Must Know About Sin Color

1) Crisia’s role in Sin Color: Vocalist, composer, lyricist, synth player, musical director.

2) David’s role in Sin Color: Guitarist, pianist, synth player, composer, musical Director.

3) Crisia loves sleeping so much she once woke up at 7pm!!!!

4) David is a professional florist and has experience helping brides and grooms pick out their flowers.

5) They would love to play at the Hollywood Bowl’ spinning stage or Bellas Artes in Mexico.

6) Crisia LOVES ice cream and fashion design. (Have you seen her outfits? #Trendsetter)

7) David has a passion for finding and tasting really good coffee.

8) Back in middle school, they auditioned for a talent show but got stopped by the director for playing/singing at different keys. They never spoke after that.

9) Landing in the same confirmation class on Sunday school years after that audition, is what drove them to create Sin Color.

10) The meaning behind the name of the band is not to be attached to any style, genre, or color, simply everything, or nothing!


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