Codes’ new record “Bring Tha Bomb”

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By | April 12, 2017

Codes: “No matter what you do here you have to go the extra mile to make it work or even keep a float.”

DJ and producer Codes has launched his new futuristic material “Bring Tha Bomb” out on the label Weapons Music.

Codes uses his influences and his interest in turntables to elevate his music producing and performances. He’s to come and play his new music during summer 2017 in Los Angeles. For now, we have an interview to discover his hip-hop crossover jungle underground music and his story.

Listen to “Bring Tha Bomb” while reading his Q&A with Al Borde:

Codes’ first encounter with underground music in Brooklyn:

 My first encounter was when my older cousin took me to a rave when I was about 14. I bought a mix tape on the way out called Return Of The Jungle Warrior by DJ Venom. That tape turned into somewhat of a bible for my crew and I growing up: ‘95-97 golden era jungle with scratching all over it. It’s still my favorite mix tape of all time. 

About how Brooklyn influences him and his turntables passion:

I’m actually answering these questions on a train with 30 other people I don’t know, going over the Hudson into Manhattan to then take another train to go back to another part of Brooklyn where the studio is….

“I guess what I’m saying is no matter what you do here you have to go the extra mile to make it work or even keep a float.”

I think that mentality has a huge impact on my music. Honestly the mix tape I mentioned above was what inspired me to get my first pair (turntables). I still scratch at home on turntables and have a portable turntable I bring with me when I travel but usually I play on CDJ 2000s at the club. They obviously are different but you can still tear it up on CDJs.

“Bring Tha Bomb’s” creative process and the label’s donations towards those displaced by war:

My creative process is always different. Sometimes I start with drums, sometimes bass or a sample. I might have an idea that I take notes on. With this track I programmed the beat using some tape saturated 808 sounds and just worked on it for countless hours until I came up with the full tune. About the donation: Basically, as you know, the history of weapons in dance music runs deep through its many veins.

From Sound System Culture’s ‘Dubplate’ to House music’s ‘White Labels’, ‘secret weapons’ have been used by DJ’s in their sets for years. And for us the mantra is in the name! We want to appropriate the language of war and use it to spread love, not hate.


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