By May 9, 2008Bios

BelanovaEven though pop music is usually related to the likes of untalented ex-Timbiriche members, good looking “hijos de papi”, and 90-60-90 skanky gals, there are a few legit pop acts that in spite of the genre’s mediocre perception manage to make a name for themselves and exceed  everyone’s (including their own) expectations.  Belanova is one of those talented bands that decided to venture into pop territory.  

At the beginning of their career, Belanova had a slightly different sound.  It was more chill-out and electronica based.  Their first album, “Cocktail” (2003) was not a commercial success.  However, the single “Tus Ojos” (the album’s song with the most pop-appeal), opened many doors for them by generating a decent amount of buzz. 

For their sophomore album, “Dulce Beat” (2005), Belanova enlisted producer Cachorro López, who helped make their sound more marketable without completely giving up what they were all about, thus turning the earlier chill concept into an electro pop extravaganza.  “Dulce Beat” was a major success that earned the approval of popsters and music aficionados alike. 

“Fantasía Pop” (2007) was their highly anticipated third studio release.  Even though they kept the same feel as their previous album, Belanova chose to experiment with a slightly rougher sound this time around, while still keeping it pop.

Belanova is one of those bands that you can easily identify just by listening to the first ten seconds, not only because of their sound, but also because of their lead vocalist Denise.  While she is no Christina Aguilera, Denise still knows how to work with what she has, something that’s worth admiring since she sounds like an actual person not a blow-up robo-doll like most of today’s pop divas.

Belanova is:   Denise Guerrero (vocals)
                      Edgar Huerta (programming and keyboards)
                      Ricardo “Richie” Arreola (bass and guitar)

Must [legally] download songs: “What A Shame”, “Tus Ojos”, “Rosa Pastel”, “Por Ti”, “Me Pregunto”, “One, Two Three, Go!”, “Cada Que…”, “Bye Bye”, “Toma Mi Mano”.