Alto Grado Debuts New Album, Sonido Animal

By Laura Pelayo & Angel AguilarApril 2, 2015Album Reviews, Music
Alto Grado Colombia
By Laura Pelayo & Angel Aguilar | April 2, 2015

Alto Grado Colombia

After giving us a taste of their, then upcoming album, late last year with a streak of electrifying and exciting concerts through the south land,  Colombia’s Alto Grado roars its animal sound through their new album Sonido Animal.  

Comprised of Martinika on lead vocals, Jonathan Medina on guitar and vocals, Joshua Fonseca on drums, and Julián Rodríguez on bass, these four vibrant musicians marked a significant change in their sound. The independent group has fostered a mix of influence from bands like No Doubt, Mano Chau, Fabulosos Cadillacs, and The Clash. They crossbred reggae, rock, ska, and even dubstep and unleashed a dangerous beast. 

 Pyngwi Art&co Holding produced two songs while the rest of the tracks were independently produced. Sonido Animal also includes collaborations with Lyricson (Guinea), Che Sudaka (Barcelona) and David Jaramillo (Doctor Krapula)

Their ferocious attack begins with a very upbeat “No pares” featuring Che Sudaka, with simply a fun ska jam that instigates a sweaty mosh party commanding “Don’t stop, don’t stop dancing!” 

“Fuera” initiates with heavy rock drums but shortly connects to rock-reggae with a playful trumpet.  This song is also featured as their latest video which was directed and produced by Solounojo Films.

“Rompeme El Corazon” features a fast ska/punk rock beat that is reminiscent of the early No Doubt before their music was taken over by commercialism and Gwen Stefani’s dreams of pop stardom.  The intensity settles down and the animal is briefly tamed on the scratching of vinyl turntables releases into freedom and into a better life, without someone who has you chained on “Sin tus Cadenas.”

On the track “Sonido Animal”, the band warns of the lies and fear that society injects and how the system is slowly exterminating us. It rages a rapid chorus that asks if you like their Animal Sound as it is music that activates the feelings and beats of your heart.  

The savage “Tierra”, featuring a hard and heavy rock jam that urges America to wake up and fight for Mother Earth. It features a Rastafarian chorus of urgency by Lyricson from Guinea. “Tu y Yo” is a slow reggae hopeful tune on love that carries a sweet female chorus, “You and I will finally meet, and you will complement me in an imperfect world.”

Other notable tracks are “Universo”, which promotes harmony, brotherhood and truly feeling life. Perky trumpets breaks for a sharp reggae beat and into a verse by guest Dr. Krapula and “Voy”  which  with a change in beat mixes dub step with rock in inciting  power, wailing the lyrics “I will be stronger than yesterday! I can change my destiny as I please!” 

Sonido Animal is available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Beatsmusic and Shazam

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