AB ELECTRO: An Interview with the Amazing and Multi-tasking Nina Las Vegas

By Jeanette Hernandez, @jeanettehndzMarch 18, 2015AB's Top Music News, Music
By Jeanette Hernandez, @jeanettehndz | March 18, 2015
Nina Las Vegas

Photo by: Dheeraj Kumar

If you’re into the electronic scene, you may have already heard the name Nina Las Vegas. She is a multi-tasking extraordinaire that has been making it clear that she can do it all. Imagine producing a huge Australian radio station, original music and events, and touring at the same time? Not an easy task, but she does it well and Al Borde recently talked to her about it before her SxSW 2015 stop!

Nina Las Vegas- tell us a bit about your every day schedule. You’re so busy!

True that!

If I’m in Australia I work 3 days in an office to produce my radio program, 2 days in the studio and for the last 2 months… touring the country every weekend. I try to get up early to exercise and have to make an effort to see my friends at night. A work / life balance is so important to me!

What led you into hosting a radio show?

I was producing mixes and other radio programs behind the scenes, until the host of triple j program ‘House Party’ quit and they gave me chance to present the music I was putting together!

Anything you are looking forward to specifically on your first US tour??

Hosting a showcase at my first ever SXSW is pretty surreal! I’m really looking forward to that as I’m super excited to be DJing alongside some of my favorite acts like Obey City, Redinho, Tkay Maidza and ikonika!

I hear you’re writing an EP? What is inspiring you?

I’ve just finished one with Swick, which comes out on Fools Gold soon-ish. The next one is my first solo EP and I’m trying to make an interesting club release. Something that I want to play out, so I’m really taking in everything I feel like repeatedly dropping in my set.

What are the major differences between festivals in AUS and for example, HARD DOTD?

I haven’t played that many American festivals however (I think) we don’t really have the whole PLUR thing. The mentality exists, but girls aren’t wearing the full rave getup. Yet. And the fact that everything is bigger in America, because there are more people period.

What can we expect from SxSW? Is this your first year hosting a party and playing?

YES! NLV Parties are fun! I am there the whole night and really own the showcase. It’s a great mix of sounds and DJS, will be fun!

Top 5 favorite tunes as of right now:

Kanye West – All Day
Tame Impala – Let It Happen
Scratcha DVA x Addison Groove – All Your Records
Brodinski – Us (Feat. Bloody Jay)
Swick – Salah’s Groove 

Connect with Nina Las Vegas:

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