CM Punk to Finally Make UFC Debut

By Sly SanchoAugust 30, 2016Sports
By Sly Sancho | August 30, 2016

We’re only a couple hours away from getting to see CM Punk (a.k.a. Phil Brooks) finally step into the Octagon against Mickey Gall in a fight that’s been brewing since February, although for fans of the former professional wrestler and Punk himself, it probably seems even longer as his fight has been anticipated since he first signed with the organization in December 2014.

Detractors have already been weighing in on Brooks’s inexperience as a likely reason for why he’d end up watching as Gall’s hand was raised by the referee at the end of the fight, and given his eight year’s of training/fighting experience, it’d seem like an easy bet that Punk wouldn’t stand a chance, but then again, this is the world of MMA where sometimes the unthinkable happens.

CM Punk vs. Mickey GallThink Conor McGregor knocking out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds.

Think Holly Holm beating the crap out of Ronda Rousey, a previously undefeated fighter in the cage and someone who’d last four fights combined had a total duration of 2 minutes 10 seconds.

Think Michael Bisping jumping up from a middle of the pack fighter to besting Champion Luke Rockhold by TKO at 3:36 in the first round to take over the belt.

And that’s only some of the main events that have happened in the last year! Which means there’s the undercard fights that we haven’t even gone into….

Given the improvement in Punk’s sparring as well, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that he could just end up posting an upset.

But come on, how possible is this really? Especially considering that the almost two years of training was interrupted on numerous occasions for injury and rehabilitation….

Well find out at UFC 203.