Outraged Women Demanding Real Pockets in their Jeans

By December 22, 2016Otro Rollo
By | December 22, 2016

“We want pockets!” say all women. Where are our pockets?!

Women’s patience is running out. They’re tired of asking men to hold their phones because their pockets are either too small, non-existent or fake. Several videos have been made in regards to this stressful matter. An archive post was made on Reddit.com and many users expressed their opinions.

Grouchersaurus: My theory is that because of the slim fit and material that often has give/elasticity, having pockets would actually warp the structure of the pants. To keep the same tension to keep the shape would mean pockets that would be super hard to access. Also as mentioned, putting things in the pockets would look bad and less handbags would be needed.

Rufen: I once borrowed my cousin’s jeans and never gave them back to him because they had pockets! Fu*king actual pockets that could hold sh*t like my phone and at the time my ds lite. No more forgetting sh*t in my bra that year. It was magical.

If you’re a frustrated women with small or no pockets, here’s a short but fun documentary as we take a closer look at why manufactures decide to not make accessible pockets for females.

Here’s more videos on the frustration. (Explicit language)

And this one is just funny lol.

Geesh, can we just give these women pockets already!?